Clearing & Demolition

We have dedicated clearing crews to timber and prep sites for the next phase of project completion


Our skilled crews use a multitude of heavy equipment to remove topsoil in preparation of grading.


Most of our heavy equipment is used throughout the process of excavation including the creation of silt basins, sediment ponds, mass grading, and fine grading. Our crews use both GPS technology and years of experience to complete our work.

Storm Sewer

Includes the installation of both concrete and alternate materials as required per project.

Water Lines

Installation of both domestic and fire lines as pertaining to each project. L2 is an approved contractor through Chesterfield County.

Sanitary Sewer

Installation of sanitary sewer lines as it pertains to each project. L2 is an approved contractor through Chesterfield County.


L2 uses our own dump trucks along with additional haulers when necessary to deliver stone and complete the stone base.


Sidewalks and exterior site concrete pertaining to each project completed by our own crews along with subcontractors.

Curb & Gutter

The installation of curbs and gutters, both private and VDOT specifications.

Topsoil & Seeding

One of the final phases of project completion, topsoil and seeding is simplified by having our own hydroseeder and seeding crew.

Paving & Striping

Included in pricing of projects completed by L2, we use highly rated and skilled vendors and subcontractors to complete these phases of each project.

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